Roku streaming devices are easy to use and offer a lot of free channels. One of the top reasons why customers prefer it over any other device is its high-quality streaming output – video and sound. It has the largest collection of Channel Apps and a user is most likely to find an App of one’s choice. Further, these devices are affordable and are available in various models. Streaming Live is the trend in the days to come. So, let’s start Streaming and enjoy a high-quality movie, drama, music, news, and many more.

Here we have all the necessary information related to Roku streaming player. Moreover, we will tell you a helpful guideline to activate the account. In addition, you can also see the steps to setup a Roku streaming player with your home TV.

How Do I Find My Roku Link Code?

Get the Roku com link code from the device display screen and use it to activate and start the Roku setup. This activation code will help you to connect to the respective account.

Find the link code on your Roku TV and tap on the page Navigate to your Roku account by providing the username and password to add your Roku channels. Execute the Roku activation instructions and select the necessary settings (language and display) to complete the setup.

Why do you Need to Setup Roku Account?

A account is an online gateway to access your Roku service. Just create a new account with a strong password and a unique username. It is very important to get a Roku account to access your Roku account.

Here is the list of things you can do on your Roku account.

  • Activate your Roku device or your Roku TV.

  • Download movies/series from the Channel Store.

  • Watch the Roku channel online.

  • Add/Link more devices to your device list.

  • Synchronize your accounts and related devices.

  • And that does not stop there, only after you have linked your Roku account to your device, the Roku activation process will be complete and you will be able to start broadcasting your choice of movies and programs.

How to Activate Roku using

Remember that activating is not a unique process. The process requires many steps and each step plays an important role in accessing your service. Perform these steps for the successful activation of Roku.

Your Roku is now activated. By using your Roku account, you can add the channel and start broadcasting.

  • Using the Quick Start manual, connect the streaming player to your TV.

  • You can choose a wired or wireless network.

  • These two methods require two different approaches. Then log in accordingly.

  • Once you are logged in, you will see a series of instructions on your TV screen.

  • Complete the instructions by choosing the right option.

  • In the end, your Roku will start downloading new software.

  • You will see a 5-digit alphanumeric code on the screen.

  • Enter the activation code at and press the "Submit" button.

Connecting Roku Device to a Wired Internet Connection

You can also setup your Roku device with a wired internet connection. You can connect your Roku device directly to a router. Follow the steps given below and setup the Roku device with a wired internet setup.

  • Have an Ethernet cable ready to establish a wired internet connection.

  • Have an HDMI cable ready to connect to the TV and the Roku device.

  • After you connect the Roku device to the Router with the help of an Ethernet cable, power ON both the TV and the Roku device.

  • You need to complete the installation and activation to enjoy the Roku device.

How to Set up Roku Pay Method

Roku pay is the fastest and easiest way to pay and upgrade your Roku subscription. For this, this guide will help you to set up Roku pay to be able to activate Roku.

  • Sign in to your Roku account

  • Navigate to payment method >> update

  • Enter your credit or debit card number, expiry date, and CCV

  • Click on the Save button

  • Your Roku payment method will be updated and you will be able to activate your Roku TV.

Turn ON your Roku Device or TV

Roku Link Code Not Displayed On TV

The other issue that may seem to arise is that you do not see the Roku com link enter code during the initial setup process. To resolve this you can try to restart your device again and also check for updates if any manually.

Sometimes there is a possibility that the system does not perform auto-update and in such cases, we can run a manual update to keep the system on the latest firmware version.

  • Connect your Roku Device/TV to the internet

  • Roku device will display a digit code; e.g “ABCD12”

  • Visit on your computer or mobile device. Or just click on the hyperlink to visit the activation page.

  • Enter the code & click submit.

  • Follow the instruction on the website and your device/tv will be activated.